ITM - Promos & Advertisements

A series of pieces I created using photos from the Living Story of the Mythica to promote the site and the ecosystem

Here are a series of promotions, done for the Into the Mythica project.  Each photo happened organically on the Quest following the Art of Arriving, and was later used to illustrate both the fundamental principles of the Mythica and provide reference for various moments on the Quest.
Shot during "Brothers in Water, 2016", an episode in which the characters Peter Fae and Joshua Faust engage in an adventure to the wayshrine of the hotsprings from the realms of Crestone.
Anna Bliss.  Interviewed and witnessed in her angelic form during the episode "Lightning in a Bottle - 2015".
Dakota Chanel.  A prime Author of the Mythica.  This photo was shot during the "Future Peak" episode in 2015 with Peter Fae documenting the nature of ethics and the movement back into the exalted Green.
Shot during "Mermaids of the Magdalene", during the "Future Peak" sequence of the Journey Home.  Featuring Dakota Chanel in her elemental incarnation.
A very special moment on the Quest when Peter Fae discovers and draws the Excalibur blade in the Gardens of Garth, one of the territories of the Brightlands within the realms of the Mythica.
Witnessed during the "The Fairy Congress" episode of ITM - The Journey Home in 2015 with Peter Fae and Adi Bengtson.
A deep moment, moving through the realms of Eden during "Union of the Kingdoms, 2015" on the Journey Home.  With Peter Fae and Dakota Chanel.
Illustration by Lucien Vattel.  A shot of galactic King Joyous Presence, embodying the aspirant octave of human attainment and virtue.  Though not shot directly on the Quest, this image was gained during the "Brothers & Kings" episode of ITM - The Journey Home in 2016.
A movement deeper into the realms of production and Story, at the sacred labyrinth of the canyon of Topanga.  With Joelle Nanawa, Peter Fae, and North the Great Beast.
Shot in 2010, at the Faery Pools in the Shire of Ashland with Tor Jormungander, avatar of Dragons.
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